Lindley McCrary for Littleton Public Schools

Littleton Public Schools is a district that has been Accredited with Distinction by the Colorado Department of Education 8 years in a row. As a former student and current parent, I want to keep that legacy going. I believe in the value of a strong public education system, which provides equity and the opportunity for any student to succeed.

I am committed to: 

  • Ensuring that LPS continues to attract and retain high quality teachers. 

LPS is a magnet district for both families and teachers. It is vitally important to collaborate with teachers and stakeholders to make sure that standard is maintained. Strong, effective teachers are also critical to the relationship between the schools and families, and I will work to foster that relationship within Littleton Public Schools.

  • Making sure that all students have an equitable and safe learning environment.

The District Achievement Goal states: "100% of LPS students will graduate prepared for meaningful post-secondary opportunities," and we, as a district, will continue our work to ensure that we are providing students with the resources they need to be academically and socially/emotionally successful. 

  • Navigating challenging funding to ensure ongoing financial health of the district.

Funding for education in the state of Colorado is low, which presents many challenges for LPS. Currently, Colorado spends $2,703 per pupil less than the national average. With possible budget cuts in the future, I am dedicated to making sure that those cuts are made with the least impact on students. I am also committed to helping community members to better understand how school funding works in Colorado, and why it is vitally important that we support funding improvements from the state.  

My extensive experience in Littleton Public Schools has provided me with the skill set to be a strong leader and a consensus builder. An effective board member must be able to actively listen and engage with members of the community. This is the foundation of problem solving, addressing the needs of the district and continuing growth and improvement of the district. I have the experience and knowledge of the operations of the district to be a valuable board member. I also have the perspective to see areas that can be improved upon, and I am willing to do the work it takes to make those improvements as needed. 

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